Music, love and… piñatas!!!

8 de agosto , the new division of Agosto has just produced a new spot. Directed by No-Domain it’s an advert for the most important rock festival in Barcelona, Primavera Sound, that offers concerts from bands such as Pixies, Pavement, Pet Shop Boys, Orbital, or Wilco and it’s sponsored by San Miguel beer.

The tagline of the spot means “Feel the music like never before”. Under this concept, we can see all kind of objects that spring from inside these human-like piñatas. Those objects represent the torrent of emotions, feelings and memories that the music can generate. The emotional tone of the campaign developed by agency Publicis continues in the site where the user can find and download different selections of Spotify lists associated with different moods (Happy, electric, nostalgic, etc.).

Likewise, the site offers another playlist with a selection of songs from the artists who will be performing in the festival Primavera Sound. Under the playlist named “Excentric” you can find the song that serves as soundtrack for the ad: “Ambling Alp” by Yeasayer.

There’s also a making of the spot…

Title: Piñatas
Director: No-Domain
Agency: Publicis
Product: San Miguel Primavera Sound
Creative Directors: Marcelo Vergara, Fabio Mazía & Santiago Lucero.
Creative Team: Xavier Sitjar
Agency Producer: Gustavo Samaniego
Production Company: 8 de agosto
Executive Producer: Carolina López Caballero
Producer: Sergi Roda
DoP: Dani Robles
Postproduction: No-Domain
Music: Yeasayer “Ambling Alp”


Tmoty – Pep Bosch for Campofrio

Directed by Pep Bosch for Mccann Erickson, the spot tells a story of family relations, jealousy and revenge.

A new robot joins the  family and displaces the father. In a dark humor twist of the storyline, he will  plot a revenge full of poetic justice: “Revenge is a dish best served cold“, as they say.

Title: Tmoty
Agency: Mccann Erickson Madrid
Client: Campofrío
Client Contacts: Jaime Lobera, Juana Manso & Silvia Álvarez
Executive Creative Director: Leandro Raposo
Creative Directors: Mónica Moro, Pablo Colonnese & Pablo Stricker
Creative Team: Leandro Raposo, Raquel Martínez & Mónica Moro
Executive: Jesús Vázquez
Media Agency: Zenithmedia
Director de producción audiovisual: Luis Felipe Moreno
Director de servicios al cliente: Jesús Martínez Soria
Account manager: Nuria Rosselló

Production Company: Agosto
Director: Pep Bosh
Producer: Julia Carrasco
Postproduction Supervisor: Daniela Borges
Postproduction: El Ranchito
Sound: Infinia

Rock Star – Pep Bosch for Vodafone

Directed by Pep Bosch for the SCPF agency, the spot tells the story of a rock star that suddenly decides to make a radical change in his life.

Title: Rock Star
Client: Vodafone
Director: Pep Bosch
Agency: S.C.P.F
Creative team: Joel dalmau, Isa Sánchez
Agency producer:Eva Blasco
Production company: agosto
Producer: Anahí Puig
Posproduction supervisor: Daniela Borges
Posproduction: Infinia